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HOTEL in Szklarska Poreba

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We cordially invite all guests who value comfort and convenience and dream of relaxing in a place surrounded by beautiful mountain landscapes. bossa nova Hotel & Sound offers a variety of rooms and apartments. Our hotel in Szklarska Poręba is a wonderful place that has over 100 years of tradition, making it unique.

The excellent location makes the hotel Bossa Nova very popular with tourists visiting Szklarska Poręba. We are 650 meters away from the chairlift located under Szrenica, while only one kilometer from the Karkonosze National Park. What's more, the nearest tourist route is only 200 meters away.

The 4-star hotel in Szklarska Poręba will definitely appeal to all lovers of sports and tourist trips on mountain trails. The short distances also allow them to explore the Karkonosze, Jeleniogórska Valley, as well as many other extremely picturesque places

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In addition to natural attractions, we also offer our guests many entertainment available in our 4-star hotel. Our facility has been equipped with two saunas - Finnish and herbal, which can be used by guests. What's more, we can provide them with white wine or champagne at the sauna on individual order.

However, this is not all, we also have a cinema room where films for children and adults are broadcast, which is a great way to spend a nice evening.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer and make a reservation. Our hotel is a place where you can relax and regenerate your strength to return to work after your vacation.



The hotel offers accommodation with a breakfast buffet. Every morning we serve bread baked in our kitchen and warm rolls. On the platters there are always fresh cheeses, meats, eggs in mayonnaise and seasonal vegetables. Hot sausages in the heater. We serve scrambled eggs and fried eggs with any additions on the table. The buffet also includes chicken jellies, pies ... all made in our kitchen. Oatmeal with nuts and raisins or rice with apples. Cheese with radish, vegetable and seasonal salads, Always delicious coffee - ground 30 minutes before breakfast, juice, yogurt, vegetables, fruit, cakes and more. Gluten-free products on request.





At the beginning of the 20th century a guest house was created in the Marienthal district (Marysin), which was run by Paula and Siegroth. The „Alten Bauden Weg“ road led from its eastern wall, from the center of Szklarska Poręba to the Slezska Bouda hostel (Under the Elbe Peak) of Franz Maiwald and then to one of the largest mountain hotels in the Sudetes - Schneegrubenbaude (now the station is burnt and the remaining part relay over the Snowy Cauldrons). 100 years ago, mountain lovers went on foot, rode horses or were carried on litters. Some of them stayed for the night in the surrounding villas and boarding houses. Years, wars and changes of owners passed. The pension fell into complete ruin. After redemption from the city, we restored it with special care to preserve its old character. This is how the intimate hotel near Szrenica was created, which preserved the unique style of interwar architecture with elements of Art Nouveau and Bauhaus, as well as regional motifs of boarded facades and half-timbered wall. Around the hotel are still old trees that remember its entire history.