Bezpieczny hotel

In the hotel


Finnish sauna and herbal sauna in the hotel spa area. Hot rituals of the Finnish sauna and an aromatic steam bath in the sauna, herbal allow for full relaxation after a day-long hiking and cycling or cross-country and downhill skiing.

Our guests can at any time enjoy our sauna with relaxing music.

On request we serve recreation area white wine, champagne or other drinks to choose from.

Bathrobes on request room service or spa area.
Saunas and bathrobes in the price.


Welcome to the HiFi evenings with a glass of wine where you can listen to music from a black records and CD.

The specially prepared room acoustically and top-quality sound from HiFi class equipment and HiEnd:
MANLEY tube preamp NEO CLASSIC 300 B preamp
Final amplifiers, monoblock tube MANLEY SHRIMP 2 x 100W
Reference phono Steelhead RC MANLEY
20/2 SME turntable with SME arm and insert Dynavector 309 XX-2
CD player Goldenote KOALA
studio speakers with a 30-year history UNIVERSAL MAJOR TANNOY LOCKWOOD


Cinema for children and adults with the possibility of 3D projection in a professional cinema room with sound system effects module 7 + 1, a solid screen ADECO 6 m2 and a projector PANASONIC PT-AT 6000 with the recommendation of operators Hollywood

A comfortable place for watching movies with a glass of wine.